Renove Biomass

The Bioclass NG Boiler has arrived.

Renove has been appointed as the main UK distributor for Domusa and their innovative Bioclass NG Boiler.

We consider this boiler as an fantastic addition to our portfolio and an ideal boiler for the UK market. With power outputs ranging from 10-43kW and the ability to cascade the boilers up to 86kW by sharing a hopper the boiler will suffice for all but the biggest applications. Domusa have invested heavily in research and development with the Bioclass NG, and have come up with several innovative features including:

  1. Top level EN-303 class 5 certification with a 95% efficiency.
  2. Fully automatic cleaning of both the grate and heat exchanger.
  3. In-built controls for heating and control of a seperate hot water tank.
  4. Simple to install with all maintenance from the front or top of the boiler.
  5. Full MCS, RHI, and Clean Air Exemption from launch

For more details about this exciting boiler range call our sales office on 0151 355 7440, or email us on