Renove Biomass

CATFire release new 99kW Wood Pellet & Wood Chip Boiler

As well as conforming to new RHI Emissions standards, CATFire have released several new variants of the their popular Hamont biomass boiler range. The new boilers have outputs of 49kW, 99kW, and 499kW and have been retuned to comply with the varying requirements of the Renewable Heat Incentive across the UK. The 99kW biomass boiler has been released specifically with the Northern Irish market in mind, with the lower 100kW limit compared to the rest of the UK. The 499kW boiler fulfills the larger boiler requirements, with twin systems falling under the 1000kW large biomass band. CATFire boilers offer the three keystones for successful Biomass installations of high reliability, first class design, and some of the best cost/kw ratings of any systems. Contact our office today on 0845 838 8758 or email us on for further information.