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Domestic RHI Degression for Domestic Biomass announced

Biomass tariff update: 30 November 2015

DECC announced on 30 November 2015 that the degression trigger for biomass has been passed. This means that the biomass tariff of 6.43p per kilowatt hour will be reduced by 20% to 5.14p per kilowatt hour for all new applications made from 1 January 2016.

The domestic scheme for smaller scale biomass is still proving to be popular. Typical figures with the new tariff would be as follows:

Small Property – 16kW Heat Load – Now attracts £1080 annually

Medium Property – 25kW Heat Load – £1,689

Large Property – 43kW Heat Load – £2,904

As before the tariff will be paid for 7 years and is index linked. This still offers excellent value for off grid customers with larger heat loads, and with the price of pellets continuing to be stable, the boilers will provide stable heating costs for years to come.