Renove Biomass

Fire Cube & Table

Fire cube & tableTechnical Details

Visible flame in hours 1.5 hours.

Embers 3.0 hours

Total burn time 4.5 hours

Dimensions L x W x H 50cm x 50cm x 60cm

Fill volume in kg 2.5


The Fire Cube and Fire Table was the first product designed by Pelmondo. The idea was formed when the founder of Pelmondo was sitting outside with friends in the spring, and they lit an outdoor fire basket. It looked good when going, but was difficult to light, and generated huge amounts of smoke. Once burnt out, there was a large amount of ash which was difficult to clean. Pelmondo, with roots in the wood pellet boiler market conceived the idea of a burner based on wood pellets. Easy to light, no smoke, cheap to run, and minimum cleaning. All fire cubes are mounted on casters so they are easy to move from place to place. After 1.5 hours of flame, the fire cubes radiate heat from hot embers for a further 2-3 hours giving heat and comfort for 4.5 hours between each fill cycle.

Hundreds of different styles and options to suite all tastes. Contact Renove for a comprehensive brochure and price list.

Fire Cube – Series Art

Concrete Finish

FireCube – Series Art – Concrete Finish – Simple Nozzle

Fire Table

Fire Table - Glass Shield - LED Lighting - Tyrol Pine Finish

Fire Table – LED Lighting – Tyrol Pine Finish

Fire Cube – Series Lifestyle – With Red Marine Leather


Firecube Lifestyle – Red Marine Leather – Glass Shield Option

Fire Cube – Kristall

Firecube - Glass Finish - with heat shield option

Firecube – Glass Finish – with heat shield option