Renove Biomass

Large Biomass Boilers

70% of UK properties require a boiler with an output below 200kW.

Wood Pellet boilers above 100kW can be cost effective against mains gas, wood chip application are often much cheaper to run.

Large Biomass BoilersDesign of biomass systems is critical. It’s often better to put a 199kW boiler into an application with a solid fuel backup rather than a 200-300kW biomass boiler as the Renewable Heat Incentive payback is less cost effective in this area.

For the Renewable Heat Incentive large biomass boilers cover the range 200-1000kW. Typically large schools, hospitals, would have biomass boilers in excess of 1000kW (or 1MW). Hotels, or offices usually have boilers between 100kW-500kW. Renove specialise in biomass boilers up to 500kW, for applications above 500kW we cascade the systems with our largest application currently 1500kW.

Currently we have two manufacturers in our commercial range.

EvoWorld are excellent in the 50-199kW category and have a dedicated pellet 199kW pellet boiler with an extremely compact footprint. CATFire excel in the 300-500kW category.

When boilers of this size are installed, they are often designed to be bivalent with one a more boilers together to ensure that if one boiler fails then the other boiler will provide a backup heat. This is extremely important with financially critical applications where every hour downtime would result in serious financial penalty or in some more extreme examples injury.

Medium and Large scale biomass boilers are often quite large and when systems are retrofitted into existing buildings, the existing plant rooms have an insufficient size to house the boiler. Renove have an extensive range of boilers, but can also provide containerised solutions that can be dropped close to a building to provide an independent heating supply. Containerised solutions provide an ideal solution to clients looking for Renewable Heat Incentive as they can be dropped quickly into a client property with the minimum disruption to the existing boiler plant.

Containerised Solutions