Renove Biomass

Latest Commercial & Domestic RHI tariff reduction announced.

Today the Government announced that latest RHI tariffs for the quarter starting the 1st July 2015. The Small Commercial Biomass tariff has continued to perform strongly and is substantially over budget. Due to this the goverment has announced that the tariff will be cut by a further 25% from 5.87p to 4.4p. All other tariffs remain unaffected.

The Domestic RHI tariffs have also experienced strong takeup and the goverment have announced a further reduction of 20% from the 1st July from 8.93p to 7.14p.

We anticipate that due to these changes we will see continued strong takeup in the mid range commercial boilers from 200-999kW, such as our CATFire systems (soon to be  relaunched as CSTFire)

We also anticipate continued strong uptake of the Domusa range With the 25kW, 43kW, and cascaded systems being anincreasingly popular choice.