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Log Boilers

If you have your own wood source Log Boilers reduce you potential fuel cost to zero, but still attract the government RHPP and RHI payments.

RHI and Log Boilers can sometimes have a payback in less than two years.

Log BoilersThis makes Log boilers an attractive proposition for many rural clients and it is a successful and growing market for Renove.

Log Boilers are a batch heating product, this means they normally require day to day handling to keep a property warm. Typically a wood or log boiler is loaded once or twice a day, once in the morning, and if necessary again in the evening. The wood is manually loaded into the boiler, and if there are no embers is lit in a very similar way to a wood burning stove. It then burns intensively and at high efficiency for a number of hours, filling a large water tank or buffer store(see photo). This hot water is then used in the heating system of the property. Once the buffer has cooled, then it is necessary to reload the boiler with a fresh batch of fuel. Although log boilers work on a similar principle to a wood burning stove with a back boiler, they are much more efficient, and often incorporate computer controls to ensure that the best efficiencies are achieved. Our top of the range boilers include features like Lambda sensor control that monitor the combustion process at all times too ensure the optimal generation of heat.

Buffers and Buffer Sizing

Buffers have high levels of insulation and can keep water hot for a number of days if required. This means for off-peak periods it may only be necessary to load the log boiler every two or three days. Renove offer buffers of all sizes and types. As well as standard buffers, we can also offer systems that generate domestic hot water, and tanks that can integrate with solar panels to maximise the return you can get from the government RHI (Renewable Heat Incentive).

Log boilers should always be fitted with buffer store, for each kW output of the boiler you will require 30 to 50ltrs of water. So for some typical examples:

Log Boilers

The combination of boiler and buffer normally means that you do require some space and the boilers are normally not recommended for living areas as they will generate some dust in the plant room. Often log boilers require a backup system for times when the customer is away from site (holidays) and our NES boilers can be converted to a fully automatic wood pellet boiler for these periods

Renove supply a range of log boilers starting at 20kW and going up to commercially sized 200kW. We can supply the full Log boiler kit, including Boiler, Buffer, and Valve Sets.

Its all about the fuel stupid!

Even a small 25kW boiler will require about a wheelbarrow of seasoned wood every day in the winter. The wood needs to have a moisture content of about 20%. This means that felled wood needs to be chopped and stored in a dry location for at least 6 months before it is suitable to be used. If higher moisture wood is used then the boiler output will drop noticeably, the exhaust gases will be visible for longer, and the boiler will generate far more tar and klinker requiring more frequent cleaning. To check the moisture content of wood, we recommend the use of a wood moisture meter. These can be purchased from various sources for around £20, and are an invaluable aid to log boiler owners. Most problems associated with correctly installed log boiler systems are related to poor quality wood fuel.

Our Products

We are the sole UK distributor for Unical log boilers. Unical are a heating innovator having invented the first reverse flame gasification boiler. We currently sell three wood ranges:

Novairex (30-49kW)

Airex 2S (58-80kW)

Airex (150-201kkW)

For further information, go to the Unical product page.