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Unical Log Boilers

Professional Log Boilers 30-201kW

Unical are pioneers in wood heating technology, having developed the first inverted flame gasification boiler in 1980, the Gasogen. Today’s boilers have undergone continual improvement following the ethos of Technology, Quality, and Innovation. All Unical log boilers have a patented anti-condensation system as standard.


Our Product Range:


AIREX- Commercial Log Boilers

  • > 90% efficiency with four stage modulation
  • Long combustion chamber with 1.2mtr logs
  • Outputs 150, 199, 201kW (New)
  • Primary and secondary air adjustment
  • Heat exchanger cleaning mechanism





  • Long combustion chamber with up to 1mtr logs
  • High efficiency boiler with over 84%
  • 8mm steel construction
  • Outputs: 58, 65, & 80kW
  • Modulating Control
  • Secondary and Primary Air





  • Latest generation Pyrolysis boilers
  • Efficiency > 89.5%
  • Up to 70cm logs
  • Outputs 30, 40, & 49kW
  • 8mm Steel Construction
  • Latest Biotronic Controls

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