Renove Biomass

Biomass Servicing & Repair

The key to successful Biomass installation is a reliable product, appropriate installation, and a regular servicing regime. Most smaller Biomass boiler systems require an annual service, and without this, the appliance will lose efficiency and may eventually fail. Some early biomass clients have found that their original installer now no longer exists, or no longer support the brand that was originally installed leaving a system that can no longer be supported.

Renove provide a comprehensive servicing regime for the boilers in our range, we currently repair and service the following boiler makes with our dedicated technicians:

Brand/Manufacturer Boilers
Biotech Boilers TLMBW TL15 PZ22 PZ35 PZ65 PZ100RL All Tundra Range
Domusa Bioclass NG16 NG25 NG43 NG70
CATFire/CSTFire Hamont 49kW-100kW 150kW-500kW
EkoPower EkoHeat 900 EkoHeat 1500 Ehoheat 2500 Ekoheat 4000
Extraflame/LaNordica All Stoves incl. Ecologica Duchessa Melinda Iside Lucrezia Giordana Extraflame Boilers All boilers incl. LP14 LP20 LP30 TC30 TP30 HP15 HP21 HP30
Unical Airex Airex2S Focolus Gasogen


Commercial Biomass Support Contracts

Already got an appliance installed and require support? Call us and talk about our service contracts. We provide a comprehensive package including servicing and preventative maintenance all using our in-house manufacturer trained engineers.