Renove Biomass

Small Wood Pellet Stoves & Boilers

Small scale wood pellet boilers and pellet stoves are at least 40% cheaper to run than an equivalent oil system, and up to 60% cheaper to run than LPG. They are also fully automatic, self-lighting and cleaning.

Small wood pellet stoves with back boilers attract the same level of RHPP and RHI funding as larger more complex system but are a fraction of the cost.

Small Pellet Boilers & StovesIn terms of the Renewable Heat Incentive small scale Biomass refers to any wood heating application that requires a boiler less than 200kW. In real world terms most boilers fall in this category, and the heating application would have to be very large fall into the next band. We would consider that any application with an output of 30kW or less is ‘small’ scale and usually those appliances most suitable for installation into small domestic properties or offices.

Renove have an extensive portfolio of wood pellet boilers starting from 9kW and going right up to the 43kW limit and beyond. At the lower end of the scale, our room heaters with back boilers are extremely popular and present one of the most cost effective entry points into Biomass heating. These boilers easily fit into a domestic dwelling and can integrate into the existing heating system without great modification. Alternatively, we have two ranges of compact integrated boilers. These come fully fitted with a pellet hopper, pump, and control system and would typically be fitted into a utility room or garage. Some boilers also have the option of an extension hopper to minimise the filling times to weekly, monthly, or even sometimes quarterly refills. These small scale mainly wood pellet based boilers can often be fitted as a direct replacement to a fossil fuel boiler and do not require accessories like buffer tanks often associated with larger applications.

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