Bioclass HM

The Highest European Certification (Class 5 by EN-303/5)

Automatic cleaning system

MCS Certified and eligible for the RHI

Easy installation

4 power levels: 10, 16, 25, 43 kw



Pellet boiler

DOMUSA has managed to make a technologically advanced product which has been given the highest possible European Certification rating of Class 5 in EN 303-5 for everything from performance (up to 95%), to safety and low emissions of gases and dust.

BioClass HM is designed to burn both pellets and olive stones, giving the owner, depending on fuel availability, the choice of both.

Our competitive price policy along with the highest technical performance ensures that the annual savings compared to the use of other fuels, quickly offset the investment of the initial purchase.

Automatic Cleaning System

Boiler cleaning is fully automatic. It has a set of cleaning springs that retain flue gases to improve performance, while at the same time cleaning ash residues in the heat exchanger.

The cleaning springs are connected to the shaft of a motor via a cam system that regularly moves them vertically, thus cleaning the heat exchanger.


The BioClass boiler has an electronic control which provides the exact amount of air depending on the amount of fuel to achieve the required temperature. This creates unbeatable burning performance especially at reduced power levels.
As it can operate at a reduced power mode, major consumption savings are possible as boiler power levels can modulate according to the needs on the heating installation.

By having a wide range of modulation and the possibility of working at low power, constant on/off cycles are reduced, avoiding energy losses when the boiler stops and giving the possibility of being installed even without a buffer tank.

Brochures & Tech Specifications

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