Comfort Idro L80

Wood burning cooker with enameled cast iron covering

Efficiency >90 %
Dimensions (L-H-P) 821x648x608 mm
Net Weight 220 kg
Hourly Consumption 1,3-4,3 kg/h
Smoke Outlet Diameter 220 mm s/p
Energy Label A+
Rated Thermal Input 5,7-19,0 kW
Heatable 545 m3
Power given back to water 14,9 kW- H2O


Features: Heat exchanger with automatic cleaning system • Fire door safety pressure switch • Extractable Ash compartment • Control with multifunctional “handheld device” • New electronics with the possibility of connecting the system expansion card • Ceramics glow plug with the latest generation ignition system • Forced ventilation (totally removable) • Circulator with PWM control • Pellet level sensor • Foreseen for external thermostat (TA) • Expansion tank • Safety valve 3 bar