Hamont 15kW-100kW

Power Outputs: 15, 25, 40, 60, 80, 100kW

All boilers can be supplied with a large 1-1.4m3 silo for manual filling (USV) or a smaller intermediary silo for a fully automatic feeding system (USZl)



The boilers are supplied either with a 1-1.4 m3 volume fuel container (USV) or with a central staging device, which automatically feeds fuel in from the central warehouse to the intermediate boiler container (USZI). The fuel is transported by screw conveyor into the boiler`s combustion chamber where it is ignited automatically. The boiler is equipped with a high-temperature combustion chamber with a round burner and primary air inlet with an additional combustion crown above with a secondary air inlet. The supply of combustion air is controlled by two independent fans. The flow of exhaust gases is corrected, prior to entering the heat exchanger, using a so-called deflector, which ensures optimum finish-combustion. For the present power series, the heat exchanger is located above the hearth and the cleaning of its heat transfer surfaces is provided automatically.

In this way, the high efficiency of the equipment is ensured. The optimum flow of flue gases is provided for by an exhaust fan. Once the combustion process has been completed, the ashes are conveyed to the ash container by two conveyor screws. The function of the entire boiler is controlled by a control unit, which allows for the setting of the required mode for various fuels as well as two-way communication via GSM modem, or visualised communication. The control unit optimises the combustion process across the entire range of the boiler`s powers by continual readout of the oxygen surplus in the flue gases by a lambda probe. That ensures the high efficiency of the facility across the entire range of controllability. The boiler power may be regulated within the range of 30 to 100%.

Brochures & Tech Specifications

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