New generation of pellet boilers.

Efficiency 92,5 %
Dimensions (L-H-P) 780x1408x778 mm
Net Weight 335 kg
Hourly Consumption 2,1 – 7,0 kg/h
Smoke Outlet Diameter 120 mm
Feed Box Total Capacity ~ 71 kg
Energy Label A+
Rated Thermal Input 9,1-31,3 kW
Power Given Back To Water 31,3 kW-H2O
Heatable 898 m3


Features: • Ash drawer • 12 mm thick cast iron automatic cleaning brazier • Heat exchanger with automatic cleaning system • Over heating Thermostat • Foreseen for external thermostat (TA) • Weekly chronothermostat • Touch screen console with new graphic interface • Circulation pump • Expansion tank • Safety valve 3 bar • Partial automatic brazier cleaning for optimal combustion. • New management software for the ignition system • Fire door with air cooling system for increased thermal efficiency and heat loss reduction.