Pelmondo Cube

Pelmondo, with roots in the wood pellet boiler market conceived the idea of a burner based on wood pellets. Easy to light, no smoke, cheap to run, and minimum cleaning.

Burning time in hours 1.5
Embers in hours 3.0
Total running time in hours 4.5
Dimensions LxWxH in cm 50x50x60
Filling volume in kg 2.5


Focus on Ambience

Lift your outdoor spaces with a Pelmodo Cube. Set in entrance halls, gardens, or a terrace, the natural flames attract your clientele and provide a unique focal point to gather and entertain.

Either in stamdard format, or with the optional table top, let your guests sit in comfort enjoying the warmth and the spectacle of an open fire. The integrated patented gasifying burner is highly efficient, burning without smoke and smells and producing very little ash. Simple to clean and easy to move around the Cube is ideal for year round use. Flexible, the Cube can be converted to a cooker Ideal for a Wok or BBQ.

Pelmondo use the highest grade materials and handbuilt manufacturing in Austria, the Cube what it is: a fireplace for life.

Brochures & Tech Specifications

Click here to download brochure (PDF)