Pelmondo Fire Lamp

Add character with a one of a kind Pelmondo Fire Barrel.

Burning time in hours 1.5
Amber in hours 3.0
Total running time in hours 4.5
Dimensions LxWxH in cm 40x40x98
Filling volume in kg 2.5


Fire and light

The fire lamp is the world’s only flammable outdoor standing light for a terrace and or a garden.

The integrated LED attachment offers attractive light night and day, and once lit the Fire Lamp becomes a unique attractive centerpiece for any garden. There is something special about the way the fire lamp base shrouds the area in multicolour light.

Add wood flames and the whole area is upscaled with a unique focal point for any outdoor space.

Brochures & Tech Specifications

Click here to download brochure (PDF)