Biotech Boilers Servicing & Maintenance

We service, repair and offer maintenance services for the following Biotech Boilers: TLMBW, TL15, PZ25, PZ35, PZ65 PZ100RL, Tundra Elite.

Biotech Boilers Servicing, Repairs & Maintenance

Looking for a reliable service partner for your Biotech Wood Pellet boiler? Biotech boilers, like all Biomass boilers require an annual service to ensure that they run to their maximum efficiency and work reliably year in and year out. Like a car, biomass boilers have strict maintenance regime, and failure to follow these can shorten the lifespan of the boiler and components. Experience is important, and our staff have had several years experience of selling and maintaining the boilers in the UK.

We support all the PZ models up to and including the PZ35. For the larger PZ65 & PZ100 boilers, please call our office for further information.

The following models are supported

Biotech Top Light 9 & 15kW, Biotech Top Light MBW

Biotech PZ8RL, PZ25RL, PZ25MBW, PZ35RL, PZ35MBW

Commercial Range (Please ask)


Looking for an annual service contract on monthly direct debits? Call our office on 0151 601 9982 for further information.


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