EkoPower Boilers Servicing & Maintenance

We service, repair and offer maintenance services for all EkoPower pellet boilers including the EkoHeat 900, EkoHeat 1500, EkoHeat 2500, and EkoHeat 4000.

EkoPower Boilers Servicing & Maintenance

New for 2018 – Renove now support and service the EkoHeat boilers from EkoPower

EkoHeat boiler not running well or generating smoke during operation? Renove are now offering service packages for the EkoPower boiler from EkoHeat. Be it an annual service, repair, or annual contract, Renove can fulfil your needs. As well as service and repair, Renove also hold a large portfolio of spare parts available at 24 hour delivery.

The following boiler are currently supported:

Ekoheat 1500, Ekoheat 2500, Ekoheat 4000

Burner upgrade now available

One of the common issues with the Ekoheat boiler was that the brass nut driving the grate would fail. Some customers have had to replace this nut as regularly as every 18 months and this can lead to significant inconvenience and expense. Renove now offer a cost effective upgrade kit that can be retrofitted on to the existing grate and solves the issue of the worn nut. Call us to discuss about servicing your boiler and upgrading at the same time.

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