CST Fire

CATFire specialise in the manufacture of high quality commercial biomass boilers. They produce two ranges of high-efficiency boilers capable of burning wood chip, pellet, and a number of other fuels.

The small series have outputs varying from 15-100kW, and the larger series start at 150-500kW going up in 50kW steps.

CST Fire

CST Fire

CST Fire biomass boilers draw upon the best traditions. They are subject to continuous improvement and manufactured in two type and power series, certified according to European standard EN 303-5:2012

Technical Highlights (All Boilers)

Fully automatic ignition and cleaning. Separate removable ash bin.
Fully automatic operation of the boiler with low temperature protection control.
On-board control of buffers, domestic hot water, and two independent heating circuits.
Real time control of combustion via lambda sensor controls.
Variable exhaust fan control using negative pressure sensors in the combustion chamber.
Remote control options using a GSM gateway, external status signals, or a touch screen interface over the internet.
Fuel options include chip, pellet, sawdust, shavings, briquettes.
Fully modulation 30%-100% of total output.

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