Hydraulic Kits

The hydraulic kit range affords a simple and economic solution for any type of installation that the home requires.

Wide range

Easy to install

Built-in climate adjustment

High efficiency pumps

Domusa Teknik Hydraulic Kits

Hydraulic Kits

The different models are equipped with climate regulations depending on the outside temperature, especially designed for radiant floor installations combined with radiator systems or the production of hot running water.

All the hydraulic kits are equipped with high efficiency pumps and low energy consumption, so the entire range adapts to the energy efficiency standard.

Code: TKITBIO022
Description: Mt Hydraulic Kit

Code: TKITBIO023
Description: DMt Hydraulic Kit

Code: TKITBIO050
Description: BIO M Kit

Bio DM kit
Code: TKITBIO051
Description: BIO DM/MS Kit

Code: TKITBIO052
Description: BIO 2M Kit

Code: TKITBIO053
Description: BIO D2M/2MS Kit
Code: TKITBIO054
Description: BIO DMS Kit

Code: TKITBT0000
Description: BT M Kit

Code: TKITBT0001
Description: BT DM Kit

Code: TKITBT0002
Description: BT MS Kit

Code: TKITBT0003
Description: BT DMS Kit

Code: TKITBT0004
Description: BT 2M Kit

Code: TKITBT0005
Description: BT 2MS Kit

Code: TKITEVT010
Description: DM kit

Code: TKITELE000
Description: ME kit

Code: TKITBIO001
Description: DMS Kit

Code: TKITBIO000
Description: MS kit

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