Domusa Teknik

Renove are a main UK Distributor for Domusa Teknik. The HM is the latest generation of the Bioclass Boiler. Improved and optimised burner, ceramic ignitors as standard, modified casing, and new filter-less vacuum system.

Domusa Teknik are known for producing well priced, high quality appliances without compromising on innovation.

Domusa Teknik

Who are Domusa?

Domusa Teknik are the market leading boiler manufacturer in Spain with 30% market share of their general boiler market and over 50% of the pellet boiler market. They are known for producing well priced, high quality appliances without compromising on innovation.

EN 303-5 Class 5 Certification – Domusa have tested their appliance and it has achieved the best classification in the latest EN303-5 standards. With an efficiency rating greater than 93%, this boiler performs as well or better than other appliances that are twice the price.
Fully certified for the UK – The Bioclass HM has full MCS accreditation, is RHI compliant, and has Clean Air Exemption.
Fully Modulating – The Bioclass HM is fully modulating, this means that it can operate at high efficiency over a wide output band. Typically the boilers will operate at 25% of their maximum power without loss of efficiency. The Bioclass HM can also operate with direct connection into the heating system without the need for a buffer.
Updated burner design – Solid fuel produces ash and poor quality fuel produces klinker and residues that negatively affect the performance of your boiler. The Bioclass HM is the third generation of pellet boiler with a highly optimised grate design crafted with the experience of 1000’s of running systems. As with all Domusa boilers, the burner is removable, and easy to clean and service.
Easy to Install & Service – Domusa have really paid a lot of attention to the ease of installation and servicing. The control systems come pre-configured with control of a Y-Plan system as standard, and have two separate flow connections for the straightforward control of a hot water cylinder and/or heating system.

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