MyDomo WiFi Remote Control

Allows you to control DOMUSA TEKNIK boilers no matter where you are with connected IOS and Android devices (WIFI or DATA).

Wide range

Remote heating and dhw control

Designed for Domusa Teknik boilers

Improves the efficiency of the installation

MyDomo WiFi remote control

Advantages of MyDomo


With Mydomo you can program the on and off settings for the heating and the DHW.


The historic data of set temperatures and services are available, which allow you to know the different heating phases in your home.


It allows the boiler to be switched on or off no matter where you are. In case of any unforeseen event, the previous programming can be modified, thus using the heating only when necessary.


If the boiler which D is connected to has an alarm service, in case of any alarm, these can be seen on your remote device for your ease of mind.


User friendly interface of the system and the logical order of the menus, make the use of the application intuitive, mobile and easily controllable.


The installation data will be stored in the controller and on the mobile device. Nobody else will have access to this data, since data communication will be transferred encrypted over the Internet.


The Mydomo WiFi remote control automatically reduces the working temperature of the boiler, according to the heating demand that is required in the house. By adjusting the working temperature of the boiler the energy consumption of the boiler is reduced. This function is only available with boilers that have an electronic control that incorporates modulation.

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