Containerised Solutions

Renove containerised solutions are pre-fabricated portable biomass plant rooms. They are the ideal solution for businesses and large homeowners who are looking to install a Biomass boiler but don’t have sufficient space.

Renove Containerised Solutions

Containerised solutions come pre-fitted with the biomass boiler, fuel store, carbon monoxide alarm and buffer vessel. Simple to fit on site they usually require a suitable base or supports, an electricity supply, and a connection into your existing heating system and they are ready to go. All internal pipe work and electrical installation are commissioned and tested making installation much less of a headache and keeping down times to a minimum.

Biomass systems are often cheaper to run that Oil or LPG. Additionally, you can turn your heating system into a revenue generator with Biomass and the Renewable Heat Incentive RHI. Biomass boilers can earn you thousands a year in a contract guaranteed by the government for 20 years. This can significantly reduce business overheads and at the same time reduce your carbon footprint.

Containerised Solutions
Containerised Solutions

World Class Boilers

Renove containers use the best Biomass boilers in the business. Currently we install CATFire and EvoWorld boilers as standard across our range. We can provide both wood chip and wood pellet boilers up to 500kW. Most of our pellet boilers only require single phase electrics up to the 190kW. All boilers used in containers are EN303-5 compliant and are suitable for installation into clean air zones.

Space Considerations

We use standard 20ft or 40ft shipping containers, painted to a colour of your choice. We recommend 40ft containers for boilers with an output greater than 100kW as a suitably sized fuel store is critical for Biomass. For aesthetics we can provide a number of different claddings including wood and aluminium. We also can provide a bespoke service if you have specific requirements for looks. All Biomass boilers require an appropriate flue and this will have a minimum height of 5 meters.

Installation Costs

Container prices start around £55k for a basic 50kW configuration but this excludes the base, flue, and any installation cost. Additional items such as extra doors or claddings are quoted on a job by job basis. Payback for containers are excellent, with the larger units achieving break even in under 5 years (for a 20 year contract).

Biomass Income & Savings

The goverment RHI scheme still offers a significant incentive to switch over to a Biomass solution. The tariff is split into three different output ranges and most large commercial systems over 200kW can offer significant guaranteed returns over a 20 year period. Combined with a service plan from Renove, our systems offer a reliable and environmentally friendly income stream.

Typical Container Layouts

40ft 500kW Pellet Container

Containerised Solutions

40ft 250kW Chip Container

Containerised Solutions

40ft 2 x 101kW Pellet Container

Containerised Solutions

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